Concept note for the second workshop

The second conference of the Knowledge / Value series was held on November 6–7, 2011, at the University of Chicago under the banner of “Experimental Biologies and Translational Research”. Some papers focused specifically on translational research, which has become an important (if still productively undefined) category within the life sciences, especially from the perspective of funding bodies and audit cultures. But such work must be located within an analysis of broader historical trajectory, and conceptual arc, of experimental biology. In the process, it was hoped that useful conceptualizations of both experiment and translation would emerge, specifically in terms of the articulations between knowledge and value, whose theorization remains the animating principle of these conversations.

Conference schedule

The public conference, split over both days of the workshop, consisted of two 120min panels, two 85min panels, and a keynote lecture.

The conference was generously supported by: The Department of Anthropology; the Lichstern Fund; the Division of Social Sciences; the Chicago Center for Contemporary Theory; the Franke Institute for the Humanities.