Concept note for the fourth workshop

The fourth workshop of the Knowledge / Value series was held at the University of California at Davis on April 19–20, 2013. As a collaborative, interdisciplinary and trans-institutional undertaking on the theorization of knowledge and value, science and capital, property and intellectual property, biopolitics and political economy, this workshop focused on intellectual property but also its relation to property, as a legal and political form, more generally.

Its interest lies in the ways in which innovation has become a particularly strong signifier of the intersections between knowledge and value in contemporary technoscience; but also in the constitutive role of intellectual property in mediating and materializing this signification. We wish to locate this in relation to contemporary global developments in various arenas of technoscience; but also in relation to historical developments in property law and in conceptions of authorship and ownership.

Conference Schedule

The public conference consisted of three 210min panel spread over both days. In order to broaden out to wider thematic and conceptual concerns, this conference was structured slightly different from previous ones: instead of commentaries directed towards specific papers, the interlocutors spoke for a few minutes about the themes from the papers in relation to their own work and investments. Saturday afternoon, a closed discussion round was held amongst authors, interlocutors and a few invited others.

This workshop was co-organized by Brenna Bhandar, Mario Biagioli, Timothy Choy, Joseph Dumit, James Griesemer, Cori Hayden, George Marcus, Kristin Peterson and Kaushik Sunder Rajan. The conference was co-sponsored by the Center for Science and Innovation Studies & Science and Technology Studies Program (UC Davis), Department of Anthropology (University of Chicago), Center for Ethnography (UC Irvine), and the UC Davis School of Law.